Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A guide to Taxila

A guide to Taxila, 1918, by John Hubert Marshall.

Compare the jewelry in the following photo dated to late Iron Age (about 900-1000 CE) in Norway with jewelry from ancient Indo-Greek Taxila, Gandhara. See photo in the plates between page 78 and 79 (plate XVL) in the book by Marshall.

Religious jewelry dated 900-1000  CE Vardø Finnmark Norway

Identical silver spoons from ancient Taxila - Greece and Pompeii (Roman Empire before 79 CE)
At page 78 it is told that the silver spoon from ancient Taxila (present Pakistan) has a Greek pattern and that exactly the same kind of spoons are found in Ancient Pompeii (Ancient Roman Empire before 79 CE).


  1. Its ever best book on Taxila, another good book is Taxila and the Western World by Siaf ur Rehman Dar, in this books you can find some connections of east and west.
    Muhammad Kashif Ali (aka kashifthegipsy on flickr)

  2. I would like to read the book you mention. Is it possible to find it online?

    Here an old art book from Gandhara which I found while searching: