Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A guide to Taxila

A guide to Taxila, 1918, by John Hubert Marshall.

Compare the jewelry in the following photo dated to late Iron Age (about 900-1000 CE) in Norway with jewelry from ancient Indo-Greek Taxila, Gandhara. See photo in the plates between page 78 and 79 (plate XVL) in the book by Marshall.

Religious jewelry dated 900-1000  CE Vardø Finnmark Norway

Identical silver spoons from ancient Taxila - Greece and Pompeii (Roman Empire before 79 CE)
At page 78 it is told that the silver spoon from ancient Taxila (present Pakistan) has a Greek pattern and that exactly the same kind of spoons are found in Ancient Pompeii (Ancient Roman Empire before 79 CE).