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Names in Kashmir, India, and the Nordic

A few names of Kashmiri, Indian & Pakistani and Nordic origin.

Nordic Names Kashmiri Names Indian & Pakistani Names Buddhist Words
Uddevalla, Udvalla
Uddevalla is a town and municipality in southern Sweden - Udvalla related
to an ancient eastern frontier kingdom of Assam, Sarvesvari ruled by queen Shiva Shima to 1744 CE (URL page 302)
Balto, Balti Balto (Surname) Balti language is spoken in Baltistan & Ladakh of Kashmir. - -
Turi Turi
Turi (Nick name for gothras) - -
Aga Aga
Aga (Surname) - -
Dass Dass
Dass (Surname) Dass(i) (Surname, India) -
Padar Padar , Paadar (Surname) Padar (Nick name for gotras) - -
Walle, Valle Walle, Valle (Surnames) Walli, Wallu (Surnames) - -
Bror Bror, first name, meaning “Brother” Bror (Surname meaning “cat”) - -
Mandal Mandal (place name in southern Norway) Mandal (Surname for 'buttocks' or nick name for gotras) Mandal(ik) (surname, India) Mandala has meaning in Buddhism. The concept first appeared in RigVeda.
Jan Jan (Male first name) Jan, Janh(Male first name & nick name for gotras) - -
Siv Siv (Feminine first name) Siv (Male first name) - Siva, Shiva (Kasmiri Buddhist Shaivism)
Sajet (s), Saijet (s) Sajets, Saijets (Surname) - Sajet, Sajeti (place name, Uttar Pradesh between Ghatampur and Hamirpur) -
Ugra - Ugra (Surname and nick name for gotras) - ”Ugra Sutta” ancient script *, Mahayana Buddhism
Soppero, Sopor (e) Soppero (Place name, northern Sweden near Kiruna) Sopor, Sopore (Place name and surname) - -
Dal, Dahl Dal, Dahl (common surnames & word for “valley”) Dal (Surname) Dal & Dahl (Hindi, Urdu, Nepalese word) -
Tana, Tanha Tana (place name, Norway Tanha (Surname) - Tanha means thirst, carving or desire in Buddhism
Magga Magga (Surname and feminine first name) Magga (surname) - The of the (dharma) noble truths of the path (way) to Nirvana. According to Merv Fowler (1999): Magga is the way to end Dukkha.
Jota or Jute Jute (name of people of Jutland, ancient Denmark or Dacia inhabited by the ancient Nordic Goths) Jota (surname and nick name of gotra) - -
Jotshi - Jotshi (nick name of gotra) - -
Zutshi - Surname - -
Utz, Utsi, Utze Surname - - -
Lukkar(i), Lukhar, Luhkkár Surname - - -
Sami Sami (cultural descriptive name) - Sami (name in Punjab, Punjabi) -
Somby, Sombi Somby (surname) Sombi (first name) - Sombi (sambhu or Lord Shiva)
Kar, Kahr Kar: Scandinavian word for man, bloke, guy. In Norwegian also for container Kar (surname) - -
Naga(s), Nagar
”Gonagas” "Gánagas" (Sami language for king). "Nidhogg Nagar" is a name of a dragon in Nordic Mythology. See previous posting in this blogg.
Nagas, tribe name and for serpents Nick name for gotra, and placename (e.g. srinagar, or ancient “ashtnagar”
“hashtnagar”). “Nagar”
(Sanskrit) meaning “Town” (Eng.)
Salman - first name and nick name for gotra - -
Kem, Kemdal - Nick names for gotras - -
Vangar Word in old Nordic e.g. “biartir vangar” (vangar means "cheeks", the word appeared in rigsThula) Nick name for gothra - -

**A book about the Ugra: A Few Good Men: The Bodhisattva Path according to The Inquiry of Ugra (Ugrapariprccha) by Jan Nattier (2003).

Manjusri and the Cult of the Celestial Bodhisattvas by Paul M. Harrison, 2000.

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary - n


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