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Iron Age Nordic and Classical Antiguity Rome and Greece

Antiquity of Rome, Italy
Early Roman Empire repr. Great Mother Goddess with Crown, patera and tympanum (shaman tambourine drum. This bronze is exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.
The tympanum drum is found in many depictions from ancient Rome: Ancient Rome Mother Goddess

Under kapittel Oriental Cults in the West, page 158. Pictures from Roman Antiquity are from The Cambridge ancient history (1923) by Byry et al. 1923.

More culture depictions from the Roman Antiquity in Italy

Iron Age in Norway

Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. The chart from the Oseberg ship (about 820 CE) and many of the ancient symbols seen in this museum are resembling those of Greek Roman Antiquity. Norway Iron Age about 500 BCE to 1030 CE.

Roman Galli men carry a throne of Cybele - the mother Goddess

Altar Roman Galli men carry a throne of Cybele, with two statues of Gallus on pedestal. Exhibited at Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Three ancient Gods of the early Roman Empire

Pay attention to the body ideals of the Ancient peoples of Europe and founders of the early Roman Empire. They do not match later athletic ideals.

Roman Antiquity, Wind Gods from Germany

My Guess is that it is the wind god Aiolos. At page 56 in the referred book it is guessed that these are wind gods. 

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